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Understanding  environment/platform

Group and team discussion in the classroom project. Meet in a group, discuss the requirement of real-life project is given by the Instructor.

DB Tech Training Center offers classes hands-on, lab base where students work on planning, developing and final implementation for submitting the class room project.

SQL Server/SSRS/SSIS -2012/2016 and 2019:

​Installing, Designing, Developing, Configuring, Data Modeling.
Configure, Develop and Diploy SQL Server Reporting Service and Integration Service package creation (export/import, automatic job). 

​SQL Server & DB Manage and Maintenance.
Database Mail configuration, Database Health check, Activity monitoring, Performance monitoring and tuning.

High Availability (VMWare-Windows Server)
​​Windows Failover Clustering (WFC), AlwaysOn High Availability, Mirroring, Log-Shipping, Replication

​Database Encryption (TDE: Transparent Data Encryption). 
Login/User: Create, Grant permission (role and server base).
Authentication Mode and Type: OS/Network level and SQL Seerver level.
Testing, Experimenting and Developing:
  •  Networking (basic)
  • Understanding Hardware/Storage (SAN, NAS, DAS)
  •  Software: SQL Server and related programs
  •  SharePoint (basic)
  •  Power-Shell (basic)
  •  Command Prompt
  •  Information regarding Microsoft Certification Exam preparation 
  •  Assistance with sample/template of the DBA resume format and interview preparation
  •  Assistance with homework, projects.
  •  Provide resources/information for job opportunities (but not guaranteeing job placement)
  • Standalone, Physical Server​
  • Cloud Computing 
  • VMware
  • Windows Failover Clustering (WFC)
  • AlwaysOn High Availability, AG, Replicas, Listener 

Our Classroom:
The student classroom is equipped with tables, chairs, a writing board, and a TV with a projector screen. There are virtual servers, laptops, computers, monitors, and printer with free secured WIFI that are available to use when needed.

T-SQL (Transact Structured Query Language )

Learn basic T-SQL queries/statements for SQL Server.
Hands-on technical skills building training in where you will learn how to write basic Transact-SQL (T-SQL) queries for Microsoft SQL Server. This fundamental course is needed for all SQL server related disciplines: database administration, database development and business intelligence, and more. 
Topic includes: DDL, DML, SQL JOIN
(Syntax and understadning SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT, JOIN, SP, TRIGGERS and more)